Welcome to my writing page! I'm Luke R. J. Maynard, author of the epic fantasy series the Travalaith Saga, and writer of other fiction, drama, and poetry.

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Book II of the Travalaith Saga

The Season of the Cerulyn is NOW AVAILABLE

from Cynehelm Press!

The women of the Mages' Uprising were never known to take civil war lying down. But Catrine and her fellow war-widows are determined to do just that, avenging their lost husbands, lives, and innocence by engaging in a sustained campaign of seduction and espionage against the Travalaithi Empire that could change the course of the war.

But when Catrine falls in love with her hapless mark, and and both of them are thrown into a deadly conflict involving Aewyn and her roguish band of Havenari outriders, the lovestruck spy must choose once and for all where her true allegiance lies—and decide whether her heart belongs to the living or the dead.

Now available on Amazon or ask for it at your local bookstore! More info on the Cynehelm Press page.

Cynehelm Press, 2020, 518 pages

ISBN: 9781989542033 (hardcover)

9781989542040  (paperback)

ASIN: B085FVSFYK  (Kindle ebook)



Here's a taste of what I'm working on now...


Works In Progress

  • The Season of Rust and Rhyme
    With the launch of The Season of the Cerulyn complete, it's time for me to turn to  Book III of the Travalaith Saga. Titled The Season of Rust and Rhyme, this one is  just getting started. But I'll keep you posted!

  • Heartblood
    A heart-wrenching (sometimes literally) revisionary fairy tale, loosely set in the historically murky Celtic Spain of the Dark Ages. Just getting started.

  • Infinite Princess 9000
    A silly but fun little novel of interstellar adventure and romance, inspired by both golden-age pulp sci-fi and retro animé of the 1980s. First in a series of animé-styled pulps, maybe to be self-published just for fun.

  • The Bee-Wolf of Howrot, a somewhat Seussian re-imagining of Beowulf for younger readers and old readers (and ancient readers) alike. Written in four-beat alliterative Anglo-Saxon verse and Seussian long couplets at the same time.

  • Moros Wars, a one-hour action/drama series that does away with the sparkle and relationship angst of being a vampire, and restores them to their place as cunning, highly political kings of the night. Two-part pilot complete; working on a series bible.