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Welcome to the top-secret BONUS CONTENT page for the Travalaith Saga! I'll be posting maps, notes, character histories and other goodies here.

Copyright in all these offerings rests with me, all rights reserved, and all that. But I license you to download them, keep a copy for personal use, and share them (for free, of course) with your fellow readers & fans of the Travalaith Saga. Enjoy!

B O N U S    C O N T E N T


What reader of classic high fantasy doesn't love a good map?

I'm hardly a professional cartographer, but here are larger-scale, full-colour versions of the maps contained throughout the various volumes of the Travalaith Saga.

The Travalaithi Empire, c. 3413

The map at the centre of the Travalaith Saga is probably the “continent map”  of the Travalaithi Empire. Place-names change over time (and over politics), but the map as it appears in Book II, The Season of the Cerulyn, is accurate to the time and places of the stories as they are printed.

The rare maps here present a picture of the northeastern regions of the world of Silvalvis as it developed, as it now exists, and as it will one day be revealed.

Early sketch, c. 2003-04

This map, thrown together c. 2003 or 2004, hand-drawn on a few pieces of blank paper fed through an old scanner, was part of my first attempt to provide a detailed map of the region. It's remarkable to me how little the landscape has changed in twenty years.

Early sketch of the Travalaithi Empire
Colour Map of the Travalaithi Empire

Fully Labeled Colour Map

A large, full-colour variant of the continent map from The Season of the Cerulyn.

Silver/Widowvale c. 3413

The village of Widowvale, still known in some records by its original, much less creative name of Silver. A frontier town on the very edge of Travalaith.

Fully Labeled Colour Map

A variant of the village map from Book I, The Season of the Plough.

Surrounding Environs

An unlabeled, slightly zoomed-out map that provides a glimpse at some of the farther reaches of the continent, including the Outlands that surround the Travalaithi Empire. May be subject to change: perhaps the travelers have got it wrong... or lied!

The village of Silver/Widowvale from The Travalaith Saga

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