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Jewel cases are funny things. In 1982, they were designed to be little martyrs, to protect CDs and break so that the CDs wouldn't. This makes them tricky to ship.

I ship CDs by sandwiching them in protective rigid cardboard, encasing that in a bubble mailer, and sending it through Canada Post both domestically & internationally. The whole business costs a bit more than the shipping prices advertised, but I've underpriced my shipping & handling costs to keep sales reasonable. It's the best combination of value and protection I've been able to find so far.

If you order multiple CDs, I may have to ship them all individually,​ unless you order a huge giant ton of them. 

Finally, if you are from  the United States or other countries far around the world, I apologize for the price of getting my products to you. You are welcome to try ordering a CD through my American distributor, CD Baby, to see if that's any cheaper: you can find me at


Owing to the nature of indie music sales in the information age, I can't offer direct refunds on products that have been opened, unless the product is defective. If a disc flat-out doesn't work, or if it's still shrinkrapped and resaleable, but you've changed your mind, contact me for a return address and I'll refund your money on receipt of the disc—including the initial shipping, but not the return shipping.

I likewise can't offer refunds on digital downloads, but if you have any trouble with the files or have chosen the wrong format, contact me. I'll work with you to make sure you get a working copy of everything you paid for.

Finally, the content provided by some of my digital distributors, including Amazon & CD Baby, may not match the content I provide when you buy directly from me. In particular, I provide a scan of the album art/lyric book, and they don't. If you've purchased the digital download from somewhere else, just mail me with the details of your purchase and I'll be happy to provide the files you're missing.

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